Spesialized in hot foil stamping dies etching machine(Magnesium etching machine,Copper etching machine,Zinc etching machine); Free Magnesium/ZInc/Copper etching technique training!

Beijing VekeTec Dies Machinery Co.,Ltd specializing in manufacturewater exposure machine,stamping dies etching machine(Magnesium etching machine,Copper etching machine,Zinc etching machine),drying machine,shearing machine and so on. Used to manufacturing stamping dies, hot stamping dies or foil stamping dies with good quality.

And we providing Free technology training, Factory Placement Guiding and Location installation available to help our customers run the business better and faster!

Hot stamping dies processes: Computer design → Film putout → Photoresist coating → Exposing → Developing → Drying → Resist checking → Etching → Stripping

water screen coating machine

Water screen coating machine

Spraying liquid photoresist inside the water screen room, to keep air cleaning and protection environment

Single vacuum exposure machine

Vacuum exposure machine

Transfor graphics from film to photoresist by exposing for imaging etching resist

Cutting dies etching machine

Cutting dies etching machine

Ferric chloride etching machine to etching mold steel for cutting dies or embossing dies etching works

Zinc etching machine

Copper/Zinc etching machine

Copper/Znic plate etching machine for foil stamping, hot stamping, packaging stamping, trademarks embossing etc.

AZ31B precoated magnesium sheets

Magnesium sheets materials

Provide AZ31B precoated magnesium sheets, copper/zinc plate, photoresist, etching additives etc.

shearing machine

Shearing machine

Specials treantment making cutting blades super hardness and long lift for cutting works

Drying machine

Drying machine

Digital display with PID temperature control system to making hot air cicyle inside to drying workpieces averagely

Magnesium etching machine

Magnesium etching machine

Magnesium etching machine high technique need with good stamping quality and looks nice for decoration

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